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Spring Sarcasm

Sunday, March 20th, you marched in-
With fair weather in tow.
But by Wednesday, March 23rd
The Spring’s sarcasm was snow.
Not just a flake or minor inch-
For that simply wouldn’t do.
No, instead eighteen inches or more-
Was the updated forecast for you.
But to show some faith in the joke-
You woke to not even a flake,
But by 7 a.m. things got ugly-
With winds making everything shake.
At just midnight the night before
It was still 60 degrees…
So added the fun to the snow
With inches of slush to freeze.
Karma is a bitch, or so they say
When she comes back hunting for you.
But the fools forgot dear Mother Nature-
So the repeated lesson was due.


I am an educated adult female with Bachelor and Master degrees in Business Management. I am married with four children. I enjoy writing and drawing for a hobby and brain vacations. My dream is to publish a novel someday, but I am building on my short story and poetry crafts now.

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