I am not getting any younger, but that doesn’t mean my mind has to get old. I want my mind to stay young, and to do so I have to exercise my brain. I don’t want to encourage dementia and Alzheimer diseases to be a part of my life in later years, and while science offers genetics may play a part in getting these diseases, so does not exercising your brain properly. How do you exercise your brain? Lots of ways, but I am going to offer a few options here – this as much for you as it is for me.

  1. Get off your smart phone at night and do word searches, Sudoku or cross word puzzles instead. These activities actively engage your brain and strengthen your mind.
  2. Read and write! I am not talking about writing and reading social media updates. I am talking about reading books and writing stories to keep your brain moving. Do one or both daily!
  3. Exercise! That right! Walking daily, lifting weights, and other activities build up your brain. A walk may be what your brain needs to write that story!!
  4. Take breaks from thinking too hard. As much as we need to engage our brain to stay young, the brain also needs a break from mental activity. I believe men have this talent covered more often than women.
Stress can also weaken the brain. Take time to laugh everyday! Laughter allows the soul and brain to grow and strengthen together!!