11:11 on 11/13 Feeling relief In long suffering The toll was high But you made me strong Despite the lie Deceptive they were But weak in plan Or judgement blur And I am blessed With you inside And family vest Moving on Down a straighter road And better song.

There are days to be carried And some to pull Moments of fear And blessings untold... And there is love Anger or hate And always the moment Before it’s almost too late... It’s in these moments We can find the greatest gift A grave to be dug Or a much needed lift... To have the... Continue Reading →

It’s not knowing Or thinking Just hoping Or dreaming It’s not nothing Or everything Just stopping Or going... It's not believing Or seeing- It just is And breathtaking

The Artist

Outside lives an artist Of work I admire Stopping tracks Beauty inspired... If time to take From daily wares Hope is watching Someone cares... Each day is available To learn beyond you Appreciate the gift Consumed by too few... Yes there is darkness After brilliant colors speak Listen to the lessons Strengthening the weak... Oh... Continue Reading →

A Little Hope

I tried. Not once. Not twice. More than I am capable of counting really. Why? Hope. The promise of hope. I thought I had it, and maybe I do, but I don't have hope in you. Maybe I lost hope when I started thinking about it, what it should be, or where it wasn't. My... Continue Reading →

Illusion’s Candor

Sounds of sandpaper rubbing- Walking through drying fields Drops escaping the puddle As toes remember their feel. Noises promise company- Loneliness weighs on shoulders . . . Walking up high for peace- Leaves the body feeling colder. Pieces fit into the puzzle- Broken as eggshells on the floor . . . Knowing something is different... Continue Reading →

Your Best

ROY G BIV Is the rainbow The sun Makes each shadow A heart break Reveals some pain The peace of nature Makes you sane Unexpected loss Leads to unexpected leads The anger of another Born by ignored pleads Revenge an appetizer Best served cold Discipline is wasted If not learned till old. This moment now... Continue Reading →

Making It Through 

Stretching day Bending nerves Run away Knees hurt. Puzzle pieces Numbing brain  Make it through Lost the gain. Turning pages Missing words Find meaning Just absurd. Eyes opened Truth is wet Another masterpiece  Never forget.

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