When will you find me?
What will I do?
Will I be something positive?
Will I be something new?
Will I be that moment
That you never forget?
Or will I be an opportunity
That isn’t there just yet.
Will I start as a passing thought
Forgotten too fast?
And when the brain matures just right-
It becomes an energy you can’t give back.
Will I make you money?
Or help heal a friend?
Will I start the beginning?
Or become a much needed end?
Will I be a story
You never want to stop?
Or will I run too long-
Swallowed by the plot?
Will I inspire a stranger?
Or push family in need?
Will I come while there is time-
For you to nurture and feed.
Am I something that is out there-
But you can’t visually see?
Or am I right in front of you?
And you are ignoring me.
Am I the purpose
You are searching to find?
Or am I the lesson
You will teach in kind.
Am I poem?
Or simply a sentence long?
Am I short but memorable-
Or the lyrics in a song?
I am here waiting
For that moment to live.
I am your idea
And your something to give.