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Reason without understanding
Life is maddening
When fighting what is to be.

Perhaps the wreckage
Will allow the dissection
For all who finally see.

Fighting logic with reason
Is a fool’s hope
And only available weapon.

After energy spent
And the war is over
Left is just a lesson.

Live and repeat
Until it ends
Is all people know to do.

And then left is the poster
That gives the answer-
To What is wrong with you?

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An Idea


When will you find me?
What will I do?
Will I be something positive?
Will I be something new?
Will I be that moment
That you never forget?
Or will I be an opportunity
That isn’t there just yet.
Will I start as a passing thought
Forgotten too fast?
And when the brain matures just right-
It becomes an energy you can’t give back.
Will I make you money?
Or help heal a friend?
Will I start the beginning?
Or become a much needed end?
Will I be a story
You never want to stop?
Or will I run too long-
Swallowed by the plot?
Will I inspire a stranger?
Or push family in need?
Will I come while there is time-
For you to nurture and feed.
Am I something that is out there-
But you can’t visually see?
Or am I right in front of you?
And you are ignoring me.
Am I the purpose
You are searching to find?
Or am I the lesson
You will teach in kind.
Am I poem?
Or simply a sentence long?
Am I short but memorable-
Or the lyrics in a song?
I am here waiting
For that moment to live.
I am your idea
And your something to give.

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Taking the Time

Peaceful are the mornings-
When most people have yet to wake…
Birds and crickets make the sounds-
A quiet mind will not forsake.
Bright are the colors-
With blue skies streaked by the sun-
Flowers mangle the grass-
As summer makes outside more fun.
More insects at the feet-
Or flying close to the face…
Making the time to notice-
Leaves no future regret to chase.
Butterflies have more style-
Than any celebrity will ever create…
And peaceful landing on a leaf-
Is worth the moment’s break.
Stolen serenity today-
Can lead to sanity tomorrow.
Take the time to notice…
As minutes are not available to later borrow.

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Politics equals Ignorance 

I feel pity for the people-Who fight about politics and elections.

Rooting for Trump or Hillary-

Or even better… Democrats or Republicans!

Anyone who believes one person or group is the answer-

Simply ignores a lot of recent history.

Some are saying the election isn’t about who you are voting for-

But more about voting who you are against is a travesty.

Either way you go the success is not there-

For the current logic to make sense.

We are becoming about our reactions-

Lacking fear of the future consequence.

I do not have the answers-

And I am not foolish enough to think that I do.

I just know we have had a lot of years of not working-

This trend should be what is concerning to you.

More daily anger and violence highlighted-

Then any moving forward to report.

A lot more prejudice is being built!

And blaming only whites is reality falling short.

Good can be said about everyone-

But our media keeps pushing the bad…

And the people are pushing this machine…

With other’s pain making them glad.


With America allowing history to repeat…

There is a lot more trouble to come-

If the people continue staying ignorant and weak. 

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Path Prints

Walking along my life path-
My mind covers the course in sand…
The texture is as smooth as it is rough-
A color both elegant and bland.
As I walk the path again-
My steps disappear.
Suddenly the proof is gone
That I was even here.
Ignoring the implication-
I take the steps as planned,
And suddenly I find what I was looking for-
Indented in the sand.
At last a print is found-
And I am relieved it fits my feet-
But once I step in place
The path to move forward is gone.
I now see new prints next to mine-
And the identity of my Angel is clear.
For 4 paws are better than only 2 feet-
To get me passed right here.
Sometimes to find Me-
I need the power from You.
But you are already here
So this fact I guess you knew.
Thank you for the nudge-
And another print to see.
Though stolen from a movie…
You most surely complete me.

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Conscious Cycle

Humans believe they can conquer the world, and lives are often wasted and taken as a result of this bent belief.
Some people believe in a higher power, lower power or no power at all, but almost all believe in a remarkable power within themselves.
Mental hospitals house the extremes of human personalities – those who feel hopeless without power and others who feel the most powerful.
The rest of us are diluted and in-between, but luckily clueless just the same so that hope can live.
Our man-made traps are often the greatest enemy, and our minds lead the charge.
Suddenly an endless cycle ensues because we believe we can control the uncontrollable.
We live lies.
Some are talented enough to put the lies to paper, and decorate it as a fantasy or fiction, but truth is always there.
Spoken and written words become the enemy or the fortune.
Make the choice and accept the consequence.
Inaction only conquers the blind you.
Or break the cycle and climb on top of the world.
Appreciate all you cannot control, all you didn’t build, and in the realization life is lived again.

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Dream Death

My rainbow had color
And my life a chance;
I never questioned the leap.

I ignored the word NO-
And fought for yes-
Never missing a beat.

But then came thought-
And double questions;
Leading me to this place.

My dreams are lost-
And the colors grey;
I’ve even lost my taste.

Where did I go-
And what did I do?
To end up where I am.

Can I change the steps-
And bring back the color;
For the courage to say I can?

I found the hell-
My dreams all went
And it had the name of FEAR.

And in perfect prose-
The pit awoke…
Saying great ideas died here.