Walking along my life path-
My mind covers the course in sand…
The texture is as smooth as it is rough-
A color both elegant and bland.
As I walk the path again-
My steps disappear.
Suddenly the proof is gone
That I was even here.
Ignoring the implication-
I take the steps as planned,
And suddenly I find what I was looking for-
Indented in the sand.
At last a print is found-
And I am relieved it fits my feet-
But once I step in place
The path to move forward is gone.
I now see new prints next to mine-
And the identity of my Angel is clear.
For 4 paws are better than only 2 feet-
To get me passed right here.
Sometimes to find Me-
I need the power from You.
But you are already here
So this fact I guess you knew.
Thank you for the nudge-
And another print to see.
Though stolen from a movie…
You most surely complete me.