I feel pity for the people-Who fight about politics and elections.

Rooting for Trump or Hillary-

Or even better… Democrats or Republicans!

Anyone who believes one person or group is the answer-

Simply ignores a lot of recent history.

Some are saying the election isn’t about who you are voting for-

But more about voting who you are against is a travesty.

Either way you go the success is not there-

For the current logic to make sense.

We are becoming about our reactions-

Lacking fear of the future consequence.

I do not have the answers-

And I am not foolish enough to think that I do.

I just know we have had a lot of years of not working-

This trend should be what is concerning to you.

More daily anger and violence highlighted-

Then any moving forward to report.

A lot more prejudice is being built!

And blaming only whites is reality falling short.

Good can be said about everyone-

But our media keeps pushing the bad…

And the people are pushing this machine…

With other’s pain making them glad.


With America allowing history to repeat…

There is a lot more trouble to come-

If the people continue staying ignorant and weak.