Humans believe they can conquer the world, and lives are often wasted and taken as a result of this bent belief.
Some people believe in a higher power, lower power or no power at all, but almost all believe in a remarkable power within themselves.
Mental hospitals house the extremes of human personalities – those who feel hopeless without power and others who feel the most powerful.
The rest of us are diluted and in-between, but luckily clueless just the same so that hope can live.
Our man-made traps are often the greatest enemy, and our minds lead the charge.
Suddenly an endless cycle ensues because we believe we can control the uncontrollable.
We live lies.
Some are talented enough to put the lies to paper, and decorate it as a fantasy or fiction, but truth is always there.
Spoken and written words become the enemy or the fortune.
Make the choice and accept the consequence.
Inaction only conquers the blind you.
Or break the cycle and climb on top of the world.
Appreciate all you cannot control, all you didn’t build, and in the realization life is lived again.