So bold are you
Who offer replies
To written words you’ve read.
So tough the language
You may use
With only hatred spread.
So demanding are you
In seeking respect
For all that you may feel.
So absent are you
Of the intent
Of the messages that you steal.
So sad the day
That we live
When safety is misunderstood.
So scared are you
Who hide in media
Spewing more thoughts than you should.
So deaf am I 
To your needs
When you have ignored all mine.
So blind are you
To yourself
Thinking your judgement will shine.
So wide the power
We all have
To communicate openly.
So blind the consequences
The world does have
In ignoring privacy.
So depressed our world
With abusing Power
In spreading thoughts to the mass.
So ignorant are we
In depending on
This too – shall pass.
So open your eyes
And shut your lips
Before you scream offense.
So better the world
You will make
By stopping ignorance.
So respect those around you
As your reply
Asked in response of them.
So stop the reaction
And build the thought
Before errors are written.
So open your heart
And your mind
When judging one’s message.
So open the reward
You will find
To the truth of the passage.
So choose to judge
And be judged
In all messages you read and write.
So smile
And enjoy a purer thought
And the rest will be alright!!