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So came Monday-
The start of the work week.
The day in which I accept my weekly defeat.
Tuesday was next-
And how did I feel?
The loss of the confidence the suit did steal.
Wednesday then tried..
To lessen the week’s dump…
With a cheery message I am over the hump.
Thursday then offered
To bring promise I began to lack-
For the weekend was closer than a few days back.
Friday ends the work week-
And it is time to enjoy my labor-
But my paycheck didn’t stretch for me to enjoy that  favor.
Saturday is to relax
And enjoy an honest break
All in the name of sanity’s sake.
God’s day is Sunday
With a goal to enjoy family and friends

But instead I cry because Monday is next again.


I am an educated adult female with Bachelor and Master degrees in Business Management. I am married with four children. I enjoy writing and drawing for a hobby and brain vacations. My dream is to publish a novel someday, but I am building on my short story and poetry crafts now.

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