So came Monday-The start of the work week.The day in which I accept my weekly defeat.Tuesday was next-And how did I feel?The loss of the confidence the suit did steal.Wednesday then tried..To lessen the week's dump…With a cheery message I am over the hump.Thursday then offeredTo bring promise I began to lack-For the weekend was …

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I am not crazy – Because I have wondered if I am.

Crazy people do not know they are crazy. Isn't that what we are lead to believe? The world is crazy to a crazy person. The crazy people never believe they are never crazy. So I guess that means I am sane, because I have asked myself if I am crazy more than once. So far …

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Saved by the shave

Dating has never been a hobby of mine, but finding forever did not come quickly for me. I was 35 when I met him. I never thought when I started dating Derrick that laziness would save our relationship, but two years later I have learned that my shaving habits sealed the deal.No, I am not …

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I once woke upOn the wrong side of the bed-Ran into a wallObviously hit my head.Ever since that dayI have been considered a blondeDitsy and a little crazyAccused of my brain being gone.So I ask youWhen you go to bed at nightWhich side do you wake up on?The left or the right?It is never the …

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