Crazy people do not know they are crazy. Isn’t that what we are lead to believe? The world is crazy to a crazy person. The crazy people never believe they are never crazy. So I guess that means I am sane, because I have asked myself if I am crazy more than once. So far I haven’t gotten a YES back.

Do you ever wonder if you are crazy? You know – during the moments when your teenagers treat you as though you are stupid, or your boss acts like they are the reason the work got done, or when your significant other calls you crazy for calling them out on their stuff. Haven’t you ever wondered if you are crazy before you realized they are the ones who are nuts? Or does that just confirm you are crazy? Because after all you are thinking “they are crazy, not me.”

What about thinking you are crazy for daring to do something new and different and failing miserably many times in the process. Are you crazy then? Or does that make you a genius because eventually you get it right?

I suppose now I know why psychiatrists make so much money. After all – if you ask enough questions – you can make anyone look like they are crazy. Except for me! I am sane.