Dear Peyton Manning,
I am not going to lie
I thought you were nuts
To continue to play the game.

I knew you were great
The master of football-
And the world all knew you by name.

I was afraid to be a fan-
And relax your first season-
You graced the Bronco’s team.

But it didn’t take long-
To appreciate the chance-
Or what your history would mean.

I was blessed to watch Elway-
With my family each Sunday-
In all the good times and in bad.

It was a new blessing to watch You
And the inspiration you brought
To a team and state needing it bad.

Thank you for the lessons-
In humility and hard work-
Beyond the passion of the game.

Thank you for standing tall-
And owning your value-
Even when people tried to ruin your name.

Thank you for the pizza-
Funny commercials…
And everything you do.

Thank you for your strength-
Lessons in faith-
And the ability to just be You.

2015 was a crazy season-
As the Defense dominated-
And won many games for You.

You acknowledged their power-
And your role-
With more humility shinning through.

I love the Denver Broncos,
Watching football-
And the family time it brings.

I love number 7
And now 18
And everything they mean.

Thank you for the respect-
You offered to us-
Even when it wasn’t returned.

You will always be The Example-
The world can seek-
For more life to love and learn.

So Happy Retirement to You-
# 18, Mr. Manning-
From two teams who know you well.

All Colts grow up to be Broncos-
A special story-
Your history allows us to tell.

To the sunset #18!
May you always bleed some Orange and Blue!