Human Kind

Animalia is your Kingdom

Chordata is your Phylum

A Subphylum of Vertebrata

And a class Mammalia another item.

There is a Sub in the Class-

And Eutheria is the name;

An Order called Primata

With a Suborder Anthropidea for fame.

Your spinal cord and vertebrae

Are in the shape of an S

Making the family Hominidae

Easy to guess.

Your Genius is Homo-

And your Species is Sapien-

All this combined…

Is Scientifically Human.

Opposable Thumbs

Help make us more unique-

But the conscience truly sets us apart

In more ways than you think.

Other animals cannot ponder

The difference between right and wrong.

While muscles are a sign of strength-

Human conscience makes us strong.

Introspective thoughts

Is something other species cannot do-

The ability to question Why

Is a condition special to you.

So while our kingdom is large

And our species distinct;

What truly makes us special….

Is our ability to think.

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