What if you had noticed-
The look on their face…
When they waited to pick you up
And bring you to your place?

How many children would be born?
How much happiness would there be?
If you saw the lack of promise-
And felt adult’s misery.

I ask as I sit in the parking lot,
Waiting for my child to come out.
And looking around at other parents-
I see a lot of doubt.

Or is it the loss of hope?
What is that look in their eyes?
Do they not know how to live?
Are they waiting to die?

Adults have lost the spark-
That brought them to life before.
Like getting up is a challenge-
And making it through the day a chore.

They all have their face buried in a phone,
And gloss over their eyes.
What we call progress
Look a lot more like a lie.

Take the time to enjoy the feel of the sun
And the sound of the falling rain,
The purity in the sight of snow,
And the flowers on the plains.

Take time to smell the roses
And the sweet barbecue too.
For all these things are missed in technology-
And raising your children too.

Show your children hope-
And there is always something more.
For each day is a gift-
With hope to build your core.