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Circle of Life

I remember the turn
I forget the direction
I know there was a spin
A distant reflection.

I remember insanity
I forget how to make it stop
I know a cry was heard
A distant life.

I remember panic
I forget peace
I think a distant memory.
A time space.

I remember a straight line
I forget when it was traveled
I see a distant voyage
Where was it?

I remember the cycle.
I forget where it started.
I learned the lesson
A lost message.

I remember the circle
I forget where I stops
I keep it going
Circle of life.


I am an educated adult female with Bachelor and Master degrees in Business Management. I am married with four children. I enjoy writing and drawing for a hobby and brain vacations. My dream is to publish a novel someday, but I am building on my short story and poetry crafts now.

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