DEAR TEENAGERSeeing the world through your eyes

Would make my hope pretty dark…

Accepting your reality instead 

Would take away the needed spark.

Compromising my rules

Would bring a weakness I won’t like…

Quitting the battle now

Would cost more than just the fight.

Old while learning nothing

Is an idiocy you choose to sell…

Like every teen before and after you

You didn’t think that through very well.

I love you so much

That it hurts to follow things through…

I wish to see the future

And with your teen what you would do.

I want to say I’m sorry

But I am not sure exactly what for-

So I will just have to be here

When you choose to open a door.

You may think I shut it

Even with slamming done by you…

But someday light will dawn

And the truth will be there too.