Changes over time Now just different The storm only rages Calm before is gone And permanent Like a stain on a white dress For all it wasn’t After losing what was.

Breaking Needs

I just need a break For you to listen For you to care... I need to be heard And be loved To know you are there. I need to return What I ask Is that possible for me??? Oh dear life Refrain the martyr Only beg what you see.

The Promise

The will of the land With promise of time Briefly possible From the good and Devine. Yet torcher is chosen To sacrifice favor Steal from the enemy After friend and neighbor. Kindness wins a destiny Once promised and knew Do not lay down hands With work to toil through. Hope beyond the mind Live in... Continue Reading →


Loneliness beyond comprehension Whether here Or there... Your punishment to me For existing without purpose Or your pleasure. The hatred in your eyes And coldness in your heart Takes time Tearing me apart. I hate you Repeating this again My punishment For actions I’ll never understand. Reasons for all Even if you fail to find... Continue Reading →

Missing Reason

Speaking has lost sound As all is deaf. The cage bares a lock With a missing door. Hope is now less As sense locks in self. The parade of monkeys march As reason lay abandoned. Inner peace fully neglected Honesty too inconvenient. Truth now a mystery  And where the road leads from here.

With Care

There were words  On the tips of tongues  And then silence  Before heartbreak begun. No intention Or dreadful deed Just ignored No matter volume of pleads. To forgive When no hurt meant Is still difficult  With feelings bent. Loneliness is often When it should only be rare And most often given From the people who... Continue Reading →


There are days to like you- And some to hate what you have done. Moments to love you- And others to cry some. There are days to trust you- And others to doubt… Moments to hug you- Or to let you pout. There are days to leave- And others to stay… But living my life... Continue Reading →


Checking the minutes But you’re still not here… Only the distance Is becoming more clear. No forcing the wants Or needing to reject- Just the hope to give in Without needing to protect. It won’t fix tomorrow Or repair the past- Helps make a memory As time moves fast. Wants are open And expectations are... Continue Reading →

Late Sorry

Have you ever said sorry? But you're not sure what for? But you knew you were sorry- Before you ever closed the door. Did you pour the glass And try to relax… But realize what has happened- And your confidence cracks. Have you ever really wanted Something that wasn't yours? Did you ignore the needs?... Continue Reading →

Relationship Cycle

No moments to explain Though all need interpretation Minutes are not wasted- But growing is frustration. Excitement beyond measure- With your heart and mine… Wanting to last forever- If only to stop time. Life moves forward… Pressures weight liking thin… And suddenly the lesson discovered- The differences between women and men. Hearts are broken- But... Continue Reading →

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