My haste is a loss of all that I know
As I willingly strip the gain for pride-
And lose my conscience within the stride.
Feeling unaided I sink too low-
I riddle the thoughts
You should not know.
I shake and quiver
And replace my strength-
As a new me I insist to make.
To meet a judge who is not a judge
Tests my strengths indeed-
Applies the joke to the riddle
That I have been deceived.
You cannot know
What you cannot see.
You cannot come in
So let my life be.
Your  existence leaves cold in the air
Increasing my feelings of despair.
You will not know
And you will never see
The special part
You killed in me.
Translucent am I-
Proud as I stand.
I lost what I knew-
But now rise again.