Spiritual Freedom

Freedom bathes in simplicity
As burdens are lifted
A spirit is reborn.
God’s artistry trumps all others-
So much that even rocks are magnificent.

Too often the world is laden with melancholy chatter-
And filled with un-necessary things.
Here I stand on Your masterpiece-
While lacking so many things
It becomes everything.

Emancipate your spirit with wonders-
So few that man can provide.
Fill the heart with anticipation-
That the work will rise above yours-
And in its freedom – You are important to the masterpiece.

One thought on “Spiritual Freedom

  1. Profound words of truth. If only we would realize that just as God has created all the beautiful nature of this earth, he has created us with most pride. I wish like the mountains and sea, we would just rest in who he created us to be. …

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