I don’t know how to draw a box-
That makes everything right.
I don’t know what law could be written-
That would prevent the events last night.

I don’t know how one can hate a group-
For a trait of no threat to you.
I don’t know how one could ignore innocence-
And believe killing is something they can rightly do.

I cannot imagine going to club-
To be with similar people and friends-
And the blinding hatred by one man…
Deciding that is where my life would end.

I do not belong to the gay community-
But we ALL belong to the human race.
No group is right or better-
Disagreeing people – SHUT YOUR FACE!

My heart goes out to Orlando!
Where moving forward will be a hard fight.
Don’t let hate into your heart…
As nothing will make this wrong a right.

You do not have to be gay-
To understand this is a heartless tragedy.
I hope our country comes together-
As we are all in the same family.